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Recognize, shift, and create! (Starter Kit)

Have you ever wondered why we humans behave the way we do, why it is easier for some and harder for others to develop positively in life, or why, despite enough wealth in the world, millions of people suffer hunger or die in wars?

The quality of your and the collective life here on earth depends on the state of our consciousness. This ultimately determines whether we create harmonious or destructive things in the world.

Your creations as an entrepreneur have the potential not only to meet the usual business standards but to actively participate in creating a productive and harmonious world.

The problem is not that we lack the building blocks, or that we humans are inherently evil. No, the only thing we lack is the ability to recognize how our mental system works and then shift and take control of it. This is the missing link to what we really are and what we manifest in the world: Compassion and cohesion — the opposite of separation. We become one with life which complements, empowers, and enriches everything we do!


At the base level of our existence, we have a choice between two operating mental systems. To initiate a holistic transformation, we need to recognize the Characteristics of an Ego controlled and an Ego uncontrolled mentality. Everything starts with recognizing who you truly are.

By internalizing both systems (and understanding their differences) you lay the foundation for true liberation within and around you and thus determine the quality of all building methods and techniques that move you personally and your business forward.

The transition from ego to self is a universal treasure and the spiritual heart that unites many different religions and cultures in their root teachings. For this reason, it is not a specifically religious or esoteric belief but an essential aspect of our being.


Recognizing who we are can shine sunlight into our minds but quickly vanishes without putting things into practice. Our framework of methods and tools is put together thoughtfully to make sure your personal growth is holistic and harmonious. 

Business & Personal Development are taught by many coaches using a wide variety of methods to be successful. However, as versatile as they may sound, the key is to stay self-aware (Ego uncontrolled state of mind) during your business endeavors.

By reprogramming us this way we are enabling ourselves to move past the limiting ego mechanism which manifests in various forms like fears, addictions, depression, loneliness, lack of productivity, and feelings of unwholeness.


Imagine a world where ego-free work is valued and driven, a world where the things that emerge are created out of the experience of our true selves. Once shited personally, our creations and projects will emanate harmony into the field. A collective path of balance and love, rather than separation and toxic competition.

This may sound utopian to some, but the current world situation shows that we have a lot of potentials to expand our consciousness to at least gain a new perspective that strengthens our imagination to make the impossible possible.

The “Create” part of this starter kit is designed to inspire you, motivate you, and give you an overview of existing projects and skills, and career fields that will be relevant in our new world.

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