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About Us

Welcome to MOSOSO, a community for conscious Entrepreneurship sharing knowledge and inspiration on creating a conscious corporate culture. This is a path of liberation – Recognize, shift, and create!

Follow along, share your ideas, and participate! Whether you want to start your project, are already in the process of doing so, or just want to move forward in your life, we invite you to prepare yourself with our Liberation Starter Kit to invite positive change into your life!

Mission Statement

We believe in a collective path of balance and love, rather than in separation and toxic competition. Your creations as an entrepreneur have the potential not only to meet the usual business standards but to actively participate in creating a productive and harmonious world.

Our mission is to support the creators of tomorrow establishing ego-free work that arises from the experience of our true selves. Other than that we provide expertise and useful resources on how to be holistically successful and grow as an entrepreneur (Videos, Blog Posts, Podcasts & Courses).

Ego-free work is a charming way to break the beaten track.

Welcome to our community, let’s start an adventure!

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